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Jean Boyd
The Caliph's Sister: Nana Asma'u 1793-1865: teacher, poet and Islamic leader

London. Frank Cass & Co. 1989. 165 p.

Map of pre-Jihad states circa 1800
Pre-Jihad states circa 1800


List of Illustrations
List of Maps
An Introductory Note

Part One

  1. Asma'u's Early Life
    Family Life
  2. The Early Jihad
    Special Challenges faced by Women: the Gewaye
  3. The Settlement of Sokoto
    The Fall of Alkalawa
    Literary Activity at Sifawa
    The Shehu's Death
  4. Collaboration between Asma'u and Bello
    Renewed Fighting
    Poems on Ibra's Invasion
    Poems on Women Saints
  5. Asma'u's Development of her Role Cultural Role of Women Leaders
    Asma'u's Perceptions
    The Yan-Taru
  6. The Later Jihad
    Gawakuke-Asma'u's Epic Account
    Bello's Death
  7. Collaboration between Asma'u and Gidado
    Accession of Aliyu
    The Works on the Shehu and Bello written by Gidado
    The Parallel Works written by Asma'u
  8. Away from the Centre 1842-1850
    Asma'u's System of Education
    Caliph Aliyu's Problems
    Death of Gidado
  9. Asma'u's Widowhood at Wurno
    Her Perceptions of Wurno and Her Sense of Values
    Her Part in the Caliph's Election
  10. Final Years: Her Legacy
    Her Vigorous Verse in Old Age
    How She is Perceived
    Her Disciples

Part Two