Green minaret
“Be ye faithful servant of the Lord
by virtue of your constant teaching
of the Scripture and of your constant
study thereof (3 79).”

In the Name of Allah,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

En barkinorii Inde Allaahu
Jom Moƴƴere Huuɓunde
Jom Moƴƴere Heeriinde.

dan Fodio Life and Works

Dedicated to the glory of Allah
and the advancement of Islam
and the Muslims, a cause for which
'Uthmān dan Fodio devoted his life.

Ismael A.B. Balogun*
The Life and Works of Uthmān dan Fodio
The Muslim Reformer of West Africa



Chapter One: 'Uthmān dan Fodio's Background

  1. His Race: the Fulani
  2. His Environment: the Hausaland

Chapter Two: 'Uthmān dan Fodio's Life

  1. His Youth and Education
  2. His Profession: Teaching and Preaching
  3. His Hijra & Jihād

Chapter Three: 'Uthmān dan Fodio's Works

  1. Location of His Writings
  2. A List of His Works

Chapter Four: 'Uthmān dan Fodio's Magnum Opus
(The Ihyā' al-sunna wa ikhmād al-bid'a)

  1. About the Book
  2. Its Contents and Features
    1. Definitions
    2. Adherence to Sunna
    3. Tawhīd (Theology)
    4. Fiqh (Islamic Law)
    5. Tasawwuf (Mysticism)
    6. Conclusion

Chapter Five: Epilogue

  1. Comments and Conclusion
  2. A Chronology of Events in 'Uthmān dan Fodio's Life
  3. Select Bibliography

Glossary of Arabic and Islamic Terms

*Ismail A.B. Balogun, B.A., Ph.D. University of Ibadan. Ibadan, Nigeria.