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Jean Boyd
The Caliph's Sister: Nana Asma'u 1793-1865:
teacher, poet and Islamic leader

London. Frank Cass & Co. 1989. 165 p.

List of Illustrations

  1. A poem by the Shehu dated 1789
  2. Prayer beads: used as an aid to meditation (zikr)
  3. A woman from western Sokoto
  4. The leaf of the faru tree
  5. Ta' Allah, the present Inna of Gobir
  6. Riding an ox
  7. An archer
  8. A mounted drummer
  9. A line from Sonnore Gidado
  10. Carved calabashes
  11. Hoeing a furrow
  12. A giginya tree
  13. A guinea-com head
  14. Some verses from the poem Habbat Hakika
  15. The kuge (ceremonial rattle) of Gobir
  16. The pare (ceremonial trumpet) formerly of Gobir, now of Sokoto
  17. A canoe ferry
  18. A group of scholars
  19. Poem by Asma'u
  20. Poem by Bello
  21. A Tuareg camel saddle
  22. Bello's words about his mother
  23. Asma'u's translation of Bello's words
  24. Datura, a herb used to induce hallucinations
  25. A Tuareg girl
  26. A Hausa girl carrying her baby on her back
  27. The Inna dressed as a man
  28. The sword captured by Inna Yar Bukuma
  29. A woman pounding corn
  30. A woman spinning thread
  31. The turban as worn by men and hajis
  32. A Fulani girl
  33. A tadirish or book cover for manuscripts
  34. Dye-pits
  35. A Gobir knife with a fine leather sheath
  36. & 37. Lily-trotter and Open-bill (birds common near Wurno)
  37. A camel drummer
  38. A Bororoje (non-Muslim) Fulani
  39. A Tuareg
  40. An artist's impression of Muhammad Bello
  41. A spear held by the present Waziri's helper, Shehu Cacaka
  42. A goriba palm tree
  43. The pattern of Gidado's and Asma'u's work
  44. A maroki (praise-singer) who makes a living by panegyrizing patrons
  45. A quotation from Muhammad Bello used on a present-day greeting card
  46. The entrance to a large house
  47. An inkpot and pen
  48. A girl on a donkey
  49. The genealogy of the jaji of Tsehe village
  50. A Fulani woman
  51. Ibrahim Dabo's Qur'an
  52. Asma'u's poem on Dan Mari
  53. A Saharan shield
  54. The algaita (horn)
  55. A baobab tree
  56. A white gudale bull
  57. The flower of the maje tree
  58. Asma'u's poem modelled on her father's
  59. Irrigation
  60. Asma'u's poem Bi Yalli
  61. An amulet containing a verse of the Qur'an
  62. A richly dressed horseman
  63. The room called amini at Dan Yalli's house in Yabo
  64. The badge of Nana Day Secondary School, Sokoto, 1984
  65. Women yan-taru